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Processes required to manage Classic Car Restoration entail the initial acquisition of the appropriate vehicle, shipment, securing title – then disassembling the vehicle into various sectional components – either to replace or re-furbish every nuance, with outsourced assistance or on-site tools. Any lack of parts on a pending project can result in ‘the dispassionate persistence of untimely delays’ – altering both the schedule of the project and customer satisfaction. A competent, experienced, dedicated shop/staff are essential in reducing any possibility of cost increases or delivery scheduling.

Restoration of classic cars is somewhat a complex process. One is tempted to simplicity of purchase – the car is in a relatively good state or even in very bad state (rust, chassis, motor issues) and purely by obtaining all the relevant parts whether OLD or NEW Stock or after market parts are all that is required to re-assemble the car.


The process of Classic Car Restoration may be attempted by anyone, it is the simple answer! What is it that you are willing to do and expect to achieve is another question. There is a whole list of processes in place, tasks and operations that you need to tick off prior to engaging yourself into such an venture.

As a hobby, car restoration is a huge undertaking and unless one has had previous experience of project management it can become endless and bring harsh consequences to yourself and all that surround you and become a costly oversight (emotionally, financially and otherwise). Think it over carefully!

Most often, Classic Car Restoration is in reality best left to professionals who have acquired adequate knowledge, tools, skill sets, management skills, patience to follow the processes in their correct steps and of course be well equipped to deliver the car on schedule and to complete customer satisfaction. Lets not forget the fact that professional Classic Car Restoration teams must have the relevant suppliers of highest quality materials as well as parts, paints, upholstery, chroming, plating, powder-coating and the like.

Herein are some pointers of the various segments of the Classic Car Restoration Processes.