Paint of the highest quality used

Paints by House of Kolor used on all our projects

Paint and its proper application will make of break your complete Classic Car Restoration project. If done properly and with high quality materials the results are inevitably producing immense satisfaction.

We have the greatest privilege to be associated with the House of Kolor, the very first custom paint company with base coats and clear coats, who in turn has one of the worlds best and most rigorous standards in paint manufacturing and quality control for the custom paint. With their help we have mastered the custom color craft.

We are exclusively using custom made base coats and clear coats that could hold up against the toughest conditions even in severe climates and amidst radical temperature changes. These custom paints were developed to prevent tarnishing, cold-cracking, and fading in the sun.


The thickness of the paint you see on your car is measured in microns (µm), 1 micron is equivalent to one thousandth of a millimetre (1/1000mm). It’s comprised of
three layers: Primer, Base Colour Coat and Clear Coat (lacquer or varnish).

The first layer applied to the metal panels of a vehicle is primer. Primer is designed to make the panel uniform so as to allow the paint colour to be evenly applied to it. Primer on modern cars is thinner than it used to be owing to advances in panel stamping technology, meaning the panels are being supplied in better, more even condition, but in our instance when working with Classic Cars the imperfections are more present.

The second layer is the base colour coat, a semi-gloss layer that actually gives the panel its final colour. If the colour requires a flake or pearlescance to it, this is usually mixed in at this level.

The final layer is the clear coat, an optically clear layer of lacquer designed to protect the base colour from UV degradation and oxidation.


On all our Classic Car Restoration jobs, our practice is to use multiple coats of base colour and many coats of clear coat to give all our Classic Cars the best look possible.

IT ALL starts with sandblasting to bear metal after which we apply EASTWOOD BLACK RUST ENCAPSULATOR. At this stage we are ready to do necessary body work. Once all repairs or replacement of the parts are addressed and carefully checked for alignment and proper fit we would then take it all apart again.

At this stage all body and parts will have its first application of body filler primer and sanding to perfection. The Classic Car would be reassembled at this point and the final primer is then applied and all imperfections are dealt with very fine sandpaper. Only then we are ready for the first coat of paint by HOUSE OF KOLOR to be applied.

Once we are happy with the results we apply the lacquer – clear coat for the final protection of paintwork.

Being brave and using different colour combinations is one of our specialities. We pride ourselves by having excellent imagination and good colour understanding.

All it takes is a little Kolor and a lots of imagination. How good is yours? Let us know.