Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts fail and there are three ways to fix this. You can fix most of them, but some will have to be replaced or remanufactured.

Finding highly engineered, quality replacement spare mechanical parts is the greatest challenge in Classic Cars restoration.

In case of the more popular models, there are plenty of so-called “old new stock” parts sitting on a shelf somewhere in a barn, someone’s workshop, or even in a Classic Car restoration part specialist’s.

This would require a little bit of digging around the world via the internet and enthusiasts forums.

There also exists a whole parallel market – “The Secondary Market”, also called the “Aftermarket”. Some smaller manufacturers and entrepreneurs have found a lucrative business in manufacturing the replacement parts for the most popular classic cars that are being sought after today.

Very often you will have no options but to find a donor car, with the fully functional parts.

For the case of the very rare cars, we would like to share this information that helps enthusiast find solutions for reverse engineering and re-manufacturing of parts. LINK

The obvious advantage of the methods above, which will clearly be reflected in the evaluation of the car is the use of the original parts. However, not everyone is preparing the car for the shows but just wants the privilege and sheer joy of driving them around. In this case, the ingenuity of the restorer is invaluable. No holds barred, anything goes!

One thing is certain, whether they are body parts or mechanical parts that you are replacing or fixing, it will always be a challenge to find and install them.

Word of advice, do your research before you commit yourself to Classic Car Restoration.