Our team has lots of experience in panel-beating and welding on all vehicle makes, but we pride ourselves on our experience in restoring classic car bodywork. We can source and fit any panels or parts that cannot be repaired. Many of the cars we work on require extensive bodywork, welding and even fabrication of parts.

All car bodywork panel-beating repairs need a smooth finish, but classic cars require a little something extra. What is needed is patience and knowledge of fabricating – especially in the cases where the sourcing of the original panels, doors and hoods becomes difficult.

The Mill Creek Classics Body Shop can also undertake small and medium area repairs. Due to the difficulty in matching the paint colour with that of the existing paintwork, this method can have limitations. Therefore, it is often not the best option, depending on the type and location of the damage.

However, these methods can be used to repair:

  • Small scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Moulding cracks
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Aluminium pitting

Repairing body panels and other parts of the car is time-consuming and tedious. In the case of a full restoration, not even the smallest damage will go overlooked.

When damage has been done to the vehicle’s chassis or framework, our team will handle this by creating specific to-purpose jigs to recreate the vehicles’ structural integrity – necessary in case of accidents that are difficult to repair. Often, as is the case in the Classic Car Repairs, we have to resort to finding a donor car with intact chassis or framework and treat it.

Sometimes, special certifications will be required since we are practically creating the car out of two cars. All paperwork should be carefully stored for the purposes of proofs. Upon finishing all of the bodywork repairs, we will use specialist painting equipment and approved repair techniques to make your car look as new.